Does Kissing Cause Acne

Updated Nov,2020
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Kissing doesn't cause acne because it's not a contagious condition. But if you notice a breakout after making out with that special someone, then it could be a reaction to a specific product, like lip balm, your partner wore. These products can irritate your skin.

Don't worry—acne isn't contagious

Acne is troublesome, especially in your teenage years. It creates unsightly blemishes on your skin you just want to get rid of.

Luckily, you don't have to worry about passing it onto others. You can hug, touch, and even kiss someone with acne without worrying of getting a breakout of your own.

While some skin conditions are contagious, acne isn't. The reason is that acne forms as a result of dead skin cells getting trapped in your pores and an excess of natural oil on your skin. None of these can be transferred, so kiss away!

Kissing doesn't cause acne, but here's what does

Kissing your partner doesn't lead to a breakout. But there might be other actions you're taking that are worsening your acne.

  • Stress - Stress increases your body's production of cortisol and sebaceous oil glands on the skin. When mixed with certain bacteria and dead skin cells, this buildup results in acne.
  • Poor diet - Certain diets result in inflammation, which can lead to a breakout. Diets high in oils, dairy products, and sugar have been linked to increased acne.
  • Genetics - Some people are more prone to acne breakouts than others. If your parents had a lot of acne, then there's a good chance the same is going to happen to you.

Kissing may actually prevent acne breakouts

In fact, kissing may actually prevent you from getting acne. Cortisol, a natural chemical your body produces, is linked to acne. When you're stressed, your body creates more cortisol, so you have a higher risk of a breakout.

However, kissing results in the release of "happy hormones," namely endorphins. These act as natural painkillers. And they reduce your levels of cortisol. So if your acne is linked to your stress, then kissing may be the cure you've always wanted!

Lip pimples after kissing may be a sign of a reaction rather than acne

After you kiss, you may notice certain spots around your lips that resemble acne. But that's not the case. One possible explanation is that you have an allergic reaction to your partner's lip balm or other skin product.

It's also possible your partner had a cold sore passed onto you. While acne isn't contagious, cold sores definitely are. Salves and prescription medications are available to help reduce the severity of this blemish.

Here's the best ways to treat your acne

While acne breakouts and pimples are inevitable at some point in your life, it's not something you have to live with forever. There's a wide range of treatment options that have shown to combat those pesky red bumps for good.

  • Benzoyl Peroxide: Typically a main ingredient in many acne facial cleansers and lotions, benzoyl peroxide goes into your pores to lift and remove excess oil, dirt and debris (acne-causing agents).
  • Glycolic Acid: An alpha-hydroxy acid, this ingredient exfoliates dead skin cells and removes surface impurities. This stops your pores from clogging; preventing future breakouts.
  • Retinoids: Arguably the most effective acne treatment, retinoids expertly diminish sebum (excess oil), dirt, bacteria, and any other acne-causing agents on your skin's surface to prevent future breakouts. This powerful drug has also been proven to stop acne scars from forming, leaving behind only smooth, radiant skin.

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