Age Filtering


We support the use of filtering software to keep minors from viewing age-restricted materials. There are many software packages that filter content on web browsers. Three content filtering packages that consistently receive high ratings when reviewed are Net Nanny, Safe Eyes, and CyberPatrol. To find out more about these packages, click on one of the icons below.

Using Net Nanny

After you have installed Net Nanny, right-click the Net Nanny logo in the Windows Tray and select Admin Tools. After you have logged on, click on the Overrides button and add this URL to be blocked.

Using Safe Eyes

After you have installed Safe Eyes, right-click the Safe Eyes logo in the Windows Tray and select Open Administrator. Log on, then click on “Choose Banned Categories.” Check the appropraite category and click on Save Settings.
Using CyberPatrol

In CyberPatrol, create profiles for each of the minors that will be using the internet on the computer. Make sure that the profiles for the minors are designated as young child, young teen, or mature teen. NOTE: The profile name needs to match user name that is used to log on to the computer.
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