To access our healthcare marketplace of affordable physicians, pharmacies and soon medical treatments we charge you a monthly subscription of 99.99

Once you are a member doctor visits are ONLY 74.99

Medications cost you what the pharmacy charges... "Click here to see prescription prices" we use the volume of business we bring to drive the price of medications down... as well as knowledge that pharmacies often way overcharge patients - we find pharmacies that are fairly priced. 

Future of the Company: 

We will be building health and wellness parks featuring low cost healthy food, cannabis, medical treatments, lab testing, physical therapy, imaging, surgery, hemp building materials, healthy entertainment + lounges and more...We will expand to cover all medical specialties. We will remove any incompetent physicians. We will make sure your wait time to care is minimal.

The future of healthcare is here everyone.

When we make our 24/7 emergency services available will make sure an extremely experienced physician sees you first and triages you to our emergency departments not lower level staff.

Anyone or any entity trying to impede the delivery of affordable care to the American public via this technology will be challenged up to the Supreme Court and publicly blasted in the media for their corruption and greed.