About US

Holistic wellness and technology company.

The technology you are using is the forming global decentralized healthcare and spa system of the future that connects people to services and things they need. Weaving together a global network of providers, locations, tech and remote monitoring equipment for vitals. One APP - Expanding to provide you global healthcare and spa coverage overseen by American doctors. 24/7.

Our tech company is on the side of the patient - we fight for you - we dismiss pharmacies / doctors / providers that fail you - we make our money via the subscription fee and connect you the patient to doctors, healthcare, spa, and pharmacies that we have no relationship to us. None of the doctors fee or medication costs are taken by us - that money goes 100% to the doctors, providers or pharmacies as the law intends. We are set up in legal fashion where the doctors and pharmacies have no financial relationship to us.

As we expand our club house locations will feature:

  • Mild hyperbarics
  • Red light
  • PEMF
  • Pool/Hot tub
  • Food service out of the APP
  • Sound Healing
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • How to see a doctor online for psychedelic medicine
  • How to see a doctor online for COVID care
  • How to see a doc online for any medicine
  • Ozone treatments
  • Massage
  • Ceremonies
  • Cacao
  • Energy Medicine

We also have an affiliate program where you get $20 a month for each member that stays active that you sign up! Going to be a blast and we are going to crush on social media. We are opening a nationwide and international network of locations and dope healing mansions.

Models that achieve high levels of sign ups may unlock bonuses such as jewlery or rooms in the mansions to live in free of cost.

This website is dedicated to the people of the world who have been deprived of 24/7 low cost healthcare by the super rich. The people that have been wrongly imprisoned and been victims of a corrupt crime against humanity drug war. The people that have been deprived of the cannabinoids, poppies and psychedelics in their natural forms as food, medicine and building materials.

This website is 100% owned, operated, and managed by doctors. No business people will ever be allowed into our team as they add needless pork to your healthcare costs and have destroyed the American healthcare system while pocketing billions and murdering people with the needless opiate epidemic.

The founder of this website is an M.D. who was a self made millionaire in the telemedicine and cannabis space who was targeted by the YPO and corporate America along with other investors in a ponzi scheme designed to fleece him and others of money, IP and patient data.

In an attempt to further defraud our founder the YPO then took advantage of the Woolsey wild fire after it burned our founders home down, refusing to return funds due and further trying to steal his IP.

Then more YPO tried to not pay our founder and get our founder to take pharmacy kick back money and just sell viagra on the internet.

What a bunch of simps the YPO are - there disrespect of the American public shall not pass.

The YPO people showed only selfish interests and were people with no vision driven by greed.

Instead of being manipulated and taken advantage of our founder (who would have been a special ops medic if not in med school / De oppresso liber to those of you who know what that means) put his property in storage, packed up his gear, loaded his offroad van w solar panels on top and hit the road saying to hell with anything to do with organized white collar criminals in the YPO. Freshly conned out of his life savings by evil people in the YPO he lived meagerly in his van, in trailers, at campgrounds, and friends houses from 2018-2023 to bring the people of the world this software with not one corporate dollar of funding. His lawsuits against the YPO will hopefully lead to federal and interpol investigations of the YPO for their abuses of the public, vulnerable investors, medicare, homeless funds, and more.

Dr. D is now on his way to becoming America's newest billionaire for his sacrifices.

Dr. D's case and others against the YPO represent good vs evil. The people of America vs sociopathic corporate idiots harming the public and using business models such as family members holding different business units or trying to use tax avoiding entities to violate the spirit of law. All users of this service are asked to contact their district attorneys to report the YPO - specifically Todd Kaplan / Smoke Wallin / Vertical / Lebens / Joyous for criminal activity. The people and entities listed above need investigation for defrauding investors and setting up criminal business organizations designed to violate the spirit of the law in many states.

Dr D may run for Gov of CA and then Prez in the Independent Party to set this country straight. But time will tell on that.

If you are a doctor, pharmacy, imaging center, lab, spa, health food provider, body worker, healer, coach, therapist, or any other person or business anywhere in the world that wants to work on the platform please email us at captnamerica2022@protonmail.com

The subscription bills once a month. Your meds come from the pharmacy once a month with a months supply at a time. Press start visit when you are about 7-10 days from running out of meds to see the doc and discuss progress and get a refill. Then your meds will ship again.

You can cancel your subscription ANYTIME by texting us at 4244084858

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