Cortisone Shot Acne

Updated Sep,2020
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Cortisone shots are an effective treatment for severe bouts of acne. They involve a synthetic hormone injection that provides temporary relief of inflammation, swelling, and redness. It's used to shrink large acne cysts, making it highly recommended for anyone suffering from cystic acne.

What is a cortisone shot?

Cortisone shots consist of a local anesthetic and corticosteroid medication. The latter helps relieve inflammation and pain at a specific area of the body. While these shots are commonly used for inflamed joints, they can help immensely with acne.

Cortisone shots work in this way by shrinking tissue on large, cystic blemishes. It limits its severity while reducing the likelihood of having significant acne scarring.

Not all pimples qualify for this shot—here's why

Your doctor can't recommend cortisone shots for run-of-the-mill acne. If you just have a few pimples, then you need to see a dermatologist for other treatments.

Cortisone shots are generally reserved as a last resort. You need a significant bout of acne or have large cystic acne to usually qualify. Anything less than that and there's a risk of creating a depression within the skin. While the depressions are temporary, they're noticeable if you plan on taking pictures in the near future.

What to expect when getting this done

Getting a cortisone shot is a quick procedure. Your dermatologist may need to numb the area first to prevent discomfort. After that, it's just a shot with an incredible thin needle directly into the acne site. The needle used for these shots is much smaller than what you get with blood drawings and vaccinations.

With the anesthetic and micro-needle, most people don't feel anything at all. The only time you may feel some discomfort is if the acne in question is particularly painful or large.

How long does it take a cortisone shot to work?

Cortisone goes to work quickly. You should notice a significant flattening, shrinking, and softening of the blemish within 24 hours of getting the shot. It may not go away entirely, but it does appear smaller. The cortisone also makes it easier for your acne to heal itself, and you should see it disappear within a week.

Here's how much a cortisone shot costs

Without insurance, a cortisone shot for acne can cost you between $25 and $100. Many healthcare plans cover this procedure but only if it's deemed medically necessary. There may be other restrictions based on your health plan, so make sure to call your health insurance provider ahead of time to see if you're covered.

Are there any side effects?

This procedure must always be done by a medical professional. Too much of the steroid can result in additional skin issues, including:

  • Atrophy - Leaving behind a deep depression in your skin tissue
  • Hypopigmentation - Lighter area forming on the skin

Fortunately, these side effects are usually temporary. But talk to your doctor if they persist for much longer.

Here's the best ways to treat your acne

While acne breakouts and pimples are inevitable at some point in your life, it's not something you have to live with forever. There's a wide range of treatment options that have shown to combat those pesky red bumps for good.

  • Benzoyl Peroxide: Typically a main ingredient in many acne facial cleansers and lotions, benzoyl peroxide goes into your pores to lift and remove excess oil, dirt and debris (acne-causing agents).
  • Glycolic Acid: An alpha-hydroxy acid, this ingredient exfoliates dead skin cells and removes surface impurities. This stops your pores from clogging; preventing future breakouts.
  • Retinoids: Arguably the most effective acne treatment, retinoids expertly diminish sebum (excess oil), dirt, bacteria, and any other acne-causing agents on your skin's surface to prevent future breakouts. This powerful drug has also been proven to stop acne scars from forming, leaving behind only smooth, radiant skin.

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