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Ketamine and Hemp Products

Talk with a doctor to see if ketamine or CBD can help your condition. Our team dispenses Ketamine trokies and nasal sprays as well as CBD and CBG tinctures, Delta 8 gummies and CBD topicals.

Hot Springs Camp

Talk to us to learn about coming to the hot springs camp which is equivalent in water quality to Baden Baden. Alcohol is banned here for our members. We will make all your booking arrangements for 74.99.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Hard Chamber

Video chat a hyperbaric medicine professional. Children are accepted (CP, Autism, etc) We add however many treatments you need to your cart. Once you pay we will get you scheduled. The facility is located in Arizona.

How does it work?

99.99 Monthly Subscription. $74.99 Doc visits. Click prescriptions or here to see medicine prices. Expanding to offer more low cost services and treatments

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You can fill out your intake form on your laptop or smart phone easily in minutes. If you do not know what you need our doctors can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your service legal?

Yes, our service is designed to be legal wherever you are in the USA per Telehealth law.
Our doctors are background checked and carry malpractice insurance.

What times are doctors available?

Text the team at 424-408-4858 for hours.