Is Tadalafil Covered By Insurance?

Updated Jul,2020

Most insurance companies don't cover Tadalafil unless deemed medically necessary. If yours isn't covered, your doctor may submit an appeal on your behalf explaining why it's required. Otherwise, there are a few ways to save on your prescription, such as using GoodRx coupons and buying in bulk quantities.

When it comes to my Tadalafil prescription and my insurance—what are my options?

Unfortunately, most medicare and insurance companies don't cover Tadalafil. This is because most insurers don't consider erectile dysfunction a medically necessary reason.

That said, some insurance companies have started to accept it, so it's worth reviewing your policy and asking if your prescription Tadalafil is covered.

If your insurance company doesn't cover Tadalafil, your doctor may submit an appeal on your behalf explaining why it's medically necessary. You may be able to win your appeal (with your doctor's help), and have Tadalafil paid for by your insurance provider.

Stock up and save—buying in bulk saves you money in the long-run

An easy way to save money on your medication is to ask your doctor for a larger prescription.

The same as buying other items in bulk, buying larger prescriptions may save you a lot of money. This is true whether you're paying a copay or paying out-of-pocket. By combining these savings with a GoodRX coupon, expect a significantly lower bill.

The good news? You're already saving big bucks with Tadalafil

Expect Tadalafil to cost roughly 50% less than its brand name counterpart, Cialis.

This is because Tadalafil is produced by many manufacturers who are free to set their own competitive pricing. As oppose to Cialis, which is only manufactured by Eli Lilly, who controls the price with no competition. Eli Lilly is then free to charge a "premium" price for their brand name medication.

This works to your advantage. Tadalafil is currently very affordable in comparison to other ED medications.

What's the easiest, most discreet way to get Tadalafil?

Erectile dysfunction is common and affects many people. It's nothing to feel embarrassed about. The most effective way to treat ED is with medications such as Tadalafil.

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