Which Is The Best Bread For Acid Reflux?

Updated Nov,2020
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Bread can be a good choice of food to eat for people suffering from acid reflux. Naturally low-acidic foods can help reduce symptoms. Whole grain is the best type of bread for acid reflux due to its high amount of fiber, unprocessed ingredients, and low acidity. 

Acid reflux can be an uncomfortable condition to deal with. It occurs when the ring of muscle near the bottom of your stomach doesn’t close properly, letting acid into other parts of your body. Common symptoms of acid reflux can include heartburn and regurgitation. Other less common symptoms include bloating, burping, and black stool, among others. Understanding acid reflux: Symptoms and causes

A variety of different triggers can cause acid reflux. Physical causes, such as pregnancy and smoking can also cause acid reflux symptoms to occur, as does obesity and being overweight. Diet and foods high in acidity can also cause temporary acid reflux to occur. 

Does bread help or worsen acid reflux symptoms?

Eating bread can help acid reflux symptoms due to the low-acidity levels. Bread, along with a number of other low-acid foods, helps minimize acid in the body and prevents symptoms from occurring. Bread is also a good food choice for acid reflux since it can absorb some of the stomach acid that leaks into the esophagus. 

The best kind of bread for acid reflux

Whole grain bread is the best bread for acid reflux. That’s because whole grain bread is made from unprocessed grains, high in fiber. This high fiber content works well at absorbing stomach acid. While choices such as white bread are also an acceptable option, whole-grain bread is truly the best bread for acid reflux, not to mention better for your diet in general.

5 foods that also help to reduce acid reflux 

Bread is a great choice of food to eat that helps reduce acid reflux. However, there are a variety of other foods that also help to reduce acid reflux, including:

  1. Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a fiber-filled food that is low in acidity and doesn’t worsen symptoms of acid reflux.
  2. Green vegetables: Hearty, green vegetables like broccoli or green beans are healthy and great for people with acid reflux. 
  3. Potatoes: Potatoes are low in acidity and help soak up stomach acid, just like whole grain bread. 
  4. Lean poultry: Poultry with the skin removed is a great choice for acid reflux. However, be sure not to fry it as greasy, fried food can often trigger and worsen acid reflux symptoms.
  5. Fish: Like lean poultry, fish that’s steamed, boiled, or grilled is an excellent option to help prevent acid reflux. 

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