Hyperbaric Oxygen Hard Chamber 10 pack



Video chat a hyperbaric medicine professional here https://everyonesmd.com/patient/auth/register?service_sku=hyperbaric_oxygen_hard_chamber_consult

Children are accepted (CP,  Autism, etc) Your hyperbaric professional will add however many treatments you need to your cart. Once you pay we will get you scheduled. The facility is located in Arizona. Breath pure oxygen in a hard mulitple person hyperbaric chamber located in Arizona. The chamber goes to 2.5-3 atm. You wear a full facemask to breath the oxygen similiar to a fighter pilot - pulling from a regulator device with each breath 100% medical grade oxygen. Once you book our team will communicate with you with exact location details and lodging recommendations. Soon we will have our own low cost lodging options for members to stay for 19.99 a night. Each session is $150 dollars per hour compared to UCLA which rips you off for $900.  Each dive is lead by a trained staff member with years of experience. As we the volume of business up we will get the cost per dive down to 99.99 for everyone. 


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