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Ketamine and Hemp Products

Talk with a doctor to see if ketamine or CBD can help your condition. Our team dispenses Ketamine trokies and nasal sprays as well as CBD and CBG tinctures, Delta 8 gummies and CBD topicals.

COVID/Upper Respiratory Illness - LA, Scottsdale, Tucson, Vegas, Miami, Austin, NYC, VA - Coming Soon

Videochat a doc about your condition. Office locations sent if we may be able to help your condition.

Addiction Treatment - COMING SOON

Speak with a doctor about opiate addiction.

Hot Springs Camp - Closed for summer ~ Reopen October 2023 ~

Talk to us to learn about coming to the hot springs camp which is equivalent in water quality to Baden Baden. We will make all your booking arrangements.

Pet Telemedicine - Coming soon!

Talk to a vet for 74.99 and then have prescription or hemp products delivered to your home or come to our health and wellness park to see the staff.



Lab Testing - Coming soon

Video chat your doc and have your labs ordered

Dental - Coming soon

See a dentist online then your dentist will schedule you for a procedure if needed and all minor procedures are 299.99 and major procedures are 999.99. Open 24 hours a day SOON!

On Demand and/or Mail Order Cannabis Delivery (CA/NV) - Coming Soon

Video chat our cannabis specialists 24 hours a day. ALL OUNCES ARE 99.99. Medical patients can buy 8 oz!

Long COVID/Hyperbaric Oxygen Hard Chamber

Video chat a hyperbaric medicine professional. Children are accepted (CP, Autism, etc) We add however many treatments you need to your cart. Once you pay we will get you scheduled. The facility is located in Arizona.

Vibroacoustic Sound Bed Therapy - LA -

Vibroacoustic sound bed therapy (VAT) is a safe, drug-free, non-invasive approach to helping many conditions. A client lies on the specially designed mat and wears headphones. 20 min 49.99.

Pet Therapy *LA and Vegas* Coming Soon

Speak with our digital concierge to play with puppies n doggies for $9.99 for an hour

Healthy Snacks-LA-Coming Soon

Video chat our digital concierge who can let you know what we have on the menu at our clubhouses and add items to your cart. Pay and pick em up at the bar.

Martial Arts Training

Speak with our digital concierge to be booked for training with a globally recognized instructor at a beautiful mansion in the heart of LA

Poker -LA- Coming soon!

Talk to our concierge to see if there is a spot at the table. We use fake money so all legal and just for funsies.

Home O2 Prescription

See a doc online and we will send your home O2 script to our partner for home O2 supplies.

HOCATT Therapy - LA -

See our digital concierge to have HOCATT Therapy scheduled. stands for “Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Therapy” and the machine acts as a personal ozone steam sauna.


Video chat our digital concierge about an NAD IV

Myers Cocktail IV + Glutathione, Extra Vit C, B-Complex - LA Only-

Video chat our digital concierge about a Myers Cocktail IV + Glutathione, Extra Vit C, B-Complex

Procell/Stem Cells 5 session Pack-LA-

Video chat our digital concierge about a Procell/Stem Cells 5 session Pack

Body Sculpting-LA-

Videochat our digital concierge about Body Sculpting

Biological Joint Therapy-LA-

Video chat our digital concierge about Biological Joint Therapy

Transportation to LA Clubhouses-Coming Soon-

Video chat our digital concierge and we will dispatch an uber or a black car to scoop you up and bring you to one of our clubhouses. And no its LA you cannot drive to our houses.

NAD Patches - CA and NY

Videochat a doc to have 6 packs of 600mg NAD Patches Ordered

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99.99 Monthly Subscription. $74.99 Doc visits. Click prescriptions or here to see medicine prices. Expanding to offer more low cost services and treatments

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your service legal?

Yes, our service is designed to be legal wherever you are in the USA per Telehealth law.
Our doctors are background checked and carry malpractice insurance.

What times are doctors available?

Text the team at 424-408-4858 for hours.